KP Oli is 38th prime minister, not 41st

South Asia Check / February 15, 2018

Source: youtube/CanadaNepal

Several Nepali and foreign media outlets have reported that K P Oli is the 41st prime minister of Nepal. But South Asia Check has found this to be wrong.

The standard prime ministerial numbering system is that no matter how many times a person, for instance Oli, becomes prime minister, he is counted as one prime minister as Oli is one person, and the number of prime ministers does not increase. So KP Oli is the 38th prime minister.

The website of the prime minister’s office has listed K P Oli as 38th prime minister of Nepal. This means Oli is 38th person to become prime minister.

But the basis on which Oli has been termed as 41st prime minister actually makes him 62nd prime minister.

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