NAC Managing Director Kansakar lies on camera

South Asia Check / December 3, 2018

NAC Managing Director Sugat Ratna Kansakar (left) with Fireside host Bhusan Dahal.           Photo:

On the Fireside program aired on Kantipur Television on September 3, 2018, the program host Bhusan Dahal told Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) Managing Director Sugat Ratna Kansakar: “…the report of the Auditor General has said that there are flaws in your [aircraft] purchase process.”

In reply, Kansakar said, “The report has not said that.”

The 55th annual report-2074 of the Auditor General on page 351 has stated this: “While the rule 236(1) of Nepal Airlines Corporation’s Financial Regulations-2065, states that aircraft can be purchased only from the manufacturer… the signing of agreement to purchase the Airbus aircraft through a supplier, who acted as middleman, is in breach of the law.”

This shows Kansakar’s claim is false.

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