Anonymous sources in newspapers of December 27

South Asia Check / December 28, 2015

Kantipur report headlined “Party leadership within Koirala family” by Kulchandra Neupane datelined Kathmandu has quoted three unnamed sources: Some leaders of the Nepali Congress establishment faction, a member of Koirala family and a youth leader of the Nepali Congress.

Kantipur report headlined “Let us forge common stance” datelined Kathmandu has quoted one unnamed source: A source. This report does not carry a byline.

Kantipur report headlined “Deputy PM Thapa’s China sojourn to prepare ground for PM’s visit” by Chandrashekher Adhikari datelined Kathmandu has quoted six unnamed sources: Officials, four different officials quoted in different contexts, and a source who was in Deputy Prime Minister Thapa’s entourage.

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