Exploring energy alternatives

Bhrikuti Rai / December 1, 2015

Nepal’s present electricity demand: 1291 MW

Supply: 770 MW

Annual increase in electricity demand: 7.56 MW

Source: Nepal Electricity Authority

Electricity produced by diesel generators in 2013: Around 550 MW

Source: TU’s Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus


Electricity produced by diesel generators in 2013 in Kathmandu Valley: 200 MW

Source: Clean Energy Nepal study

Nepal’s import of petroleum products in fiscal year 2014/ 15: Rs 112 billion

Nepal’s total exports in fiscal year 2014/ 15: Rs 85.19 billion

Source: Ministry of Commerce and Supply

Energy sources for transportation in Nepal

Petroleum products: 99 per cent

Electricity: Less than 1 per cent

“People are now paying Rs 30/unit for electricity produced by diesel generators. And they would readily pay for solar-generated electricity if it is made available for half the cost of diesel-generated electricity,” says Jagannath Shrestha, former professor of Centre for Energy Studies in Institute of Engineering.

Subsidy on solar panel installation and easy loan facility: The government has announced a new policy to provide house owners easy loan at 2.25 per cent per annum interest for installing solar energy system of 100-1500 watts. Also house owners who install solar energy system of 500 watts or above get a grant of Rs 15,000 grant from the government, according to the policy.

Encouraging the alternatives

If enough electricity is produced to power electric vehicles it could drastically cut down the use of petroleum products.

“We can use electricity to power mass transit systems”: Former water resources minister Dipak Gyawali

“Ropeway powered by electricity cuts down cost almost by half in comparison to diesel-powered means of transport.”


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