Upendra Yadav disowns Rs 5 million compensation promise

Sujit Mainali / February 27, 2018

Upendra Yadav, chairman of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal.                   Photo: HimalayaTV/youtube

Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal (FSFN) Chairman Upendra Yadav during a talk show aired on Himalaya TV on February 25 was asked by the talk show host Rishi Dhamala to clarify about the public announcement made by the then agitating Madhes-based parties to provide Rs 5 million as compensation for each of the families of those who die in the course of Madhes agitation, through the government to be formed after the agitation.

A visibly annoyed Yadav replied: “Can’t you just tell the truth? You should be talking facts.”

After Dhamala reiterated that he had not exaggerated anything and the question was based on fact, Yadav said, “What you are saying is all wrong. What we had said was that the government had announced to provide Rs 1 million…Madhes leaders did not say that they would pay the compensation themselves, but were just saying that the government should provide that much [Rs 5 million] in compensation [per martyr family].”

South Asia Check has examined whether Yadav’s statement is fact-based or not.

During the last Madhes agitation, a meeting of the Unified Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF), an alliance of Madhes-based parties including the party of Upendra Yadav had made a four-point decision, which was made public through press statement on August 18, 2013.

The fourth point of the press statement has mentioned the issue raised by Dhamala. “We express commitment that the families of those who attain martyrdom in the course of the movement launched by this alliance of Tharuhat/Madhes among other constituents will be provided five million rupees through the provincial government to be formed after the movement and the responsibility to provide them education free of cost and employment will be borne by the provincial government.”

Yadav had also signed the statement on behalf of his party. UDMF’s this announcement was widely criticized.

This shows Yadav has clearly attempted to repudiate the commitment made by the alliance, of which his party was also a constituent.

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