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Request Fact Check Request a Fact Check If you think any statement/claim by an individual holding public office is incorrect, feel free to write to us. We will fact-check such statement/claim if possible and publish our finding. For this please let us know who, when and where made such claim/statement and if possible, send us the Internet link containing such claim/statement. Suggest Us a Fact Check

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  • Photo shows a fire 🔥 at a consultancy in Putalisadak of Kathmandu? Misleading: This photo shows a fire 🔥 that occu… 4 hours ago
  • Some news websites used old photo of Putalisadak blaze to depict Monday’s fire #Nepal #FactCheck #GlobalFact 4 hours ago
  • RT @nishaoli: यस्ता फ्याक्ट चेकहरुले हामीलाई थप जिम्मेवार बन्न मद्धत गर्छ । @DeepakAdk सर @SouthAsiaCheck र @salokya सरले पत्रकारहरुलाई थ… 7 hours ago
  • गत साउन २६ गते काठमाडाैँकाे पुतलीसडकस्थित एक कन्सल्ट्यान्सीमा आगलागी भएकाे थियाे । साे आगलागीकाे फाेटाे भन्दै केही… 11 hours ago

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