Panos releases second media monitoring report on online gendered violence against women

South Asia Check / July 31, 2022

Since October 2021, Panos South Asia (PSA) has been monitoring the Nepali media sphere with special focus on hate speech targeted at politically active women on social media.
With the year 2022 being the election year in Nepal, PSA has been studying trends in gendered online violence against women in politics and women aspiring to join politics. The study looks at how gendered misinformation and disinformation impact women and society.
A team of Panos media monitors studied the social media sphere with special focus on Facebook and Twitter for misogynistic content and hate speech. The team brought out its first quarterly report in Kathmandu in March and the latest, second quarterly report covering February-April, was launched on July 29.
The report “Analysis of Gendered Violence in Media against Women in Politics in Nepal” highlights the use of misogynistic content on Facebook and Twitter.
Click here to read/download the report.

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