Anonymous sources in newspapers of October 1

South Asia Check / October 2, 2015

Nagarik report headlined “Northern customs point can be reopened within a week” by Dhruba Dangal datelined Tatopani has quoted one unnamed source: A source.

Nagarik report headlined “Border checkpoints without obstructions also remain shut” by Raju Adhikari datelined Jhapa has quoted two unnamed sources: A security official in Jhapa and a person who owns a fuel pump in India.

Nagarik report headlined “Police busting hundi racket” by K P Dhungana datelined Kathmandu has quoted four unnamed sources: An informed person, an informed source, a source, and an official informed on hundi, an illegal non-banking channel for transferring funds.

Annapurna Post report headlined “Talk initiatives intensify” by Rewati Sapkota datelined Kathmandu has quoted an unnamed source: A highly-placed source.

Republica report headlined “Indian envoy hopes crisis will end soon” datelined Kathmandu has quoted an unnamed source: A petrol supplier at the Indian border. The report does not carry a byline.

Republica report headlined “Road to Tatopani customs to open in a week: Officials” by Dhruba Dangal datelined Kathmandu has quoted two unnamed sources: An official involved in road construction, and a source.

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