Half of quake-destroyed schools rebuilt

Injina Panthi / December 7, 2018

The quake-damaged Durbar High School at Bhotahiti, Kathmandu.  Photo: Screenshot from CLPIU documentary

According to the report titled ‘Vidyalaya Punarnirmanka Jhalak 2074’ published by the Central Level Project Implementation Unit (CLPIU) of the Ministry of Education, the 2015 earthquakes caused damage of various degrees to 7,923 schools in 31 districts. In those schools, 21,169 classrooms were fully destroyed, 12,522 classrooms were mostly destroyed and 15,990 classrooms were partially destroyed. According to the Post Disaster Recovery Framework issued in May 2016 by the National Reconstruction Authority, all the earthquake-damaged schools should be reconstructed within three years. The CLPIU, which is authorized to expedite reconstruction of the earthquake-hit schools, was established on February 29, 2016. However, after 33 months of its formation, a total 4,098 schools have been rebuilt, 1,990 schools are under construction, and 377 schools have been selected for construction. After three years of the earthquakes, 3,825 schools still await reconstruction.

Status of School Building Construction

Status School Management Committee Contractor NGO Total
Construction completed 3,294 37 758 4,098
Under construction 1,437 341 212 1,990
Selected for construction 203 154 20 377
Total 4934 532 990 6,456

Source: CLPIU website, October 20, 2018

According to the 55th annual report 2074 of the Auditor General, the progress on school reconstruction is as follows:

Source/Institution Total no. of school buildings Survey level Under construction

School buildings

Constructed school buildings No. of school buildings in the process of construction
Nepal Government/School Management Committee 3463 564 936 1963
Asian Development Bank 162 161 1
JICA 240 77 109 1 53
Asian Development Bank-Disaster Risk Reduction 300 125 175
Indian Government 70 70
Chinese Government 18 7 2 9
Non-governmental organization/Institution 1,550 250 926 374

Source:  55th annual report of Attorney General, April 2018

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