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South Asia Check is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit initiative by Panos South Asia which aims to promote accuracy and accountability in public debate. We examine statements and claims made by public figures in Nepal and occasionally across South Asia and publish our findings on this site. This is not a finger-pointing exercise, but an attempt to promote transparency, truth and accountability in politics and media in the region.

Panos South Asia is a non-profit media development organization active in South Asia and beyond since 1997.

The fact-checking team is editorially independent.

Fact-checking of statements and claims

We consider statements and/or claims from politicians, government figures (ministers, bureaucrats and diplomats), multilateral agencies and organizations that come out with research or statistics on issues of public importance. Our aim is to first determine the authenticity of such statements through the primary source and then examine the veracity of statements/claims.

Earthquake Reconstruction/Relief Promise Tracker

Parts of Nepal were devastated by the earthquake of April 25 and aftershocks of April 26 and the big one of May 12. The Government of Nepal, foreign governments, I/NGOs, foundations and businessmen and business houses promised to provide relief and help in the rebuilding process. Some have delivered on the promise and some are in the process of doing so. We will keep track of the progress of these promises, for at least until April 25, 2016 – to mark the year of the massive earthquake. We will do this without fear or favor.

In Public Interest

This section deals with stories in public interest. We do not depend on any public statement/claim per se, but these stories are based on information in public domain, be it news, some findings, reports, or published statistics. Besides, we also do stories on a contemporary issue that assumes national significance.


Media ought to play the role of a watchdog and we embrace this idea. Media in South Asia have been doing that, to a large extent. We aim to help media bolster its role as a trusted watchdog. After all, media are our ally. Initially, under this specific exercise, we will keep track of number of anonymous sources that appear in major English and Nepali language broadsheet dailies and weeklies. The work area will expand as the need arises.

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Ujjwal Acharya

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