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Request Fact Check Request a Fact Check If you think any statement/claim by an individual holding public office is incorrect, feel free to write to us. We will fact-check such statement/claim if possible and publish our finding. For this please let us know who, when and where made such claim/statement and if possible, send us the Internet link containing such claim/statement. Suggest Us a Fact Check

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  • RT @SouthAsiaCheck: 'चिकित्सकको परामर्श बिना कुनै पनि औषधि लिनु अनुपयुक्त वा हानिकारक' [email protected]_com मा प्रकाशित @thisissanjog ले गरे… 2 days ago
  • RT @BichaarOnline: कोभिड-१९ को दोस्रो लहर : रेम्डेसिभिर, प्लाज्मा थेरापी र प्रोन पोजिसनबारे जान्नैपर्ने तथ्य 2 days ago
  • के हाे सिटी भ्यालु ? यसकाे के महत्व छ ? हाल चर्चामा रहेकाे याे विषयबारे @Swasthyakhabar काे एक्सप्लेनर ⤵️ 3 days ago
  • Social and psychological forces are combining to make the sharing and believing of misinformation an endemic proble… 3 days ago

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